About Kav

Kav is an architectural photography brand registered in the Intellectual Property Center of Iran in 2014. Kav’s purpose is to show prominent contemporary buildings professionally and stunningly. Kav works for architects, designers, construction companies or the buildings’ owners.
Kav’s patent owner is Hossein Farahani who has a bachelor of architecture from Art University of Isfahan and a master of landscape architecture from Shahid Beheshti University. Find more about hossein farahani on his personal website
All in all Kav’s approach in architectural photography has an architectural perspective which is gained by professional photography and knowledge of architecture. Surely, to capture the building properly, enough knowledge and true understanding of the space are needed. An architect’s viewpoint of architectural space, affected by enough knowledge and experience in designing makes this understanding better. An architectural photography with this knowledge produces a unique result and Kav guarantees that.
In addition to having thorough knowledge of the architectural space, Kav applies high photographing techniques and professional equipment to create better high quality pictures. It is worth mentioning that many projects of this collection have won prizes in different architecture contests.

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