In 2012 Saman Bank made some changes in its branding, including redesigning its logo, interior and exterior design of its branches and a few changes in the operations and relations in the branches. One of the suggested ideas for the new design of the branches was to install large black and white photos of Iran’s historic places as a symbol of Iran’s culture. Iran’s architecture is a combination of Iranian culture, art and engineering which its great cultural- artistic heritage is not veiled from anyone. Presenting unique photos of Iran’s architecture not only displays its beauty and familiarizes bank’s customers with this ancient stunning art, but also improves the quality of the atmosphere and the visual beauty. 

All in all bank has always been a crowded place for economic affairs and its high speed has made the customers and the employees anxious.  Saman bank by designing a calm peaceful ambience tries to create a different concept of function and atmosphere and this was fulfilled by the bank’s interior design and making people stop to reflect on photos which show Iran’s great heritage.  The objective was to decrease the tension of routine life which was accomplished.

To achieve this goal, the bank placed an order for abundant photos of Iran’s historic places in 2012 and after some scrutiny and paying attention to the unusual size of these photos (2*1 meters), a few were chosen to be printed and installed in branches of Tehran and some other cities. A total number of 42 frames of hossein Farahani's artworks were bought by Saman bank to be used in the branches. Other photographers also collaborated on this project: Emad Nematollahi (with 6 photos), Mohammad Amin Abedini (with 3 photos) and Vahid Babamoradi (with one photo).