Publication of the ninth volume of “Young Cities Research Papers Series” titled “Intelligent Design Using Solar-Climatic Vision” is the result of a decade of research on understanding sun’s effect on different climates and reaching the true path and lines to make a better and more stable connection via urbanization, architecture and designing structures and efficient facades in all aspects. This book as the ninth volume of a collection of books which are the result of the research project Young Cities, a collaborative project between Germany and Iran, by representing different coherent numeral and visual diagrams fully discusses diverse locative and temporal scales all over the world such as Europe, North America (Canada and the United States of America), Australia, East Asia (such as Japan, China and India) and also the vast land of Iran with its specific climates and unique variety.

This book is a collaboration between Mojtaba Samimi, Architect of “Raz, Mehr, Mehraz” office and the programmer of “Solarchvision”, and Professor Farshad Nasrollahi, the doctor of architecture and university professor at Berlin Institute of Technology (Technische Universität Berlin) which was published in the Technology of Building and Architecture Department located at Berlin Institute of Technology (Technische Universität Berlin) in Germany. The ministry of education of Germany’s federal government provided financial support for the publication of young cities project. This book was also published with the support of Professor Rudolf Scheffer, the previous head of the architecture department at TU, manager of the aforementioned project and the manager of the Technology of Building and Architecture Department. This book which has around two hundred pages was published with Cornelia Zalmann’s support, Sharon Heidnereich’s editing, Hossein Farahani’s photographing and Boris Durenbrach and Isabella Durenbrach’s Company’s graphic by Technical University of Berlin Press and was sent to most of the university libraries in Germany and also some other famous faculties.

Some pages of the book :