Amoozal online learning platform helps individual learners and students in technical and engineering fields specially architecture to learn practical skills they need to achieve their goals. In addition, Amoozal collaborate with Amirkabir University of Technology. One of these courses related to architecture is architectural photography which has been taught by Hossein Farahani. Learners can access to educational videos after registration on Amoozal website. Learners should carry on regular practices during training period and finally after accurate assessment, they will be given a certificate from Amirkabir University of technology.


Amoozal training course of Architectural photography is designed and implemented due to the needs of architectural community. Through this course, learner can get familiar with basic photography and professional architectural photography and do some projects to gain progress in this field. Generally, it will be useful for those who wants to be expert in architectural photography, as well as architects who are interested in taking photos of their projects personally.

This course has included: Basic photography, architectural photography, photography of a real building and basic photo editing.

For more information, please visit Amoozal website.