The Art of Building photography competition is an international showcase for the very best digital photography of the built environment. The competition, run by the Chartered Institute of Building, celebrates the creativity of the industry, the passion of the people who work within it, and the impact their work has on those who make use of the final construction. Photographers can submit up to three photographs across three categories : Architecture, conservation and heritage and human interaction.

It is a competition that celebrates buildings and the relationship people have with the built environment. Selected photographs feature in real public installations as the competition transforms construction hoarding into gallery spaces.

In ninth year of CIOB , hossein farahani's photo has been one of the tweleve finalists.


About the finalisted photo :

The Umrah is an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, performed by Muslims. Pilgrim women have changed their regular cloths with special white ones in Miqat Dhul Hulifa Bir Ali which is a historical mosque near Medina. changing the cloths and being ready for pilgrimage is a part of this ritual. They presence with those cloths in this mosque where has an important role in Umrah. This is a huge interaction between people and architecture Permanently.