Project Information

Project Name: Yast Khaneh
Location: Safaeiye, Yazd, Iran
Type: Residential
Design Type: Renovation
Architects in charge: Mohammad Khavarian, Amir Shahrad
Design Team: Sadaf Ghanavizbaf
Date: 2014 - 2016
Site Area: 800 sqm
Built Area: 1300 sqm
Civil Engineer: Eng. Shahin Abbasi
Mechanical Engineer: Eng. Ehsan Alvansaz Yazdi
Electrical Engineer: Eng. Mohhebolkhames, Eng  Mirzaee
Construction: Mohammad Moshref
Supervisor: Amir Shahrad, Mohammad Khavarian
Client: Mrs. Rassaf
Photographer: Hossein Farahani


- Finalist in Memar Award, in the category of Renovation, 2016
- Shortlisted in Asia architecture award, in old and new category, 2016