Project Information

Project Name: Mehr Residential Building
Location: Tehran, Iran
Type: Residential
Architecture Firm: Pargar Architecture & Design Studio
Architects in Charge: Behzad Heidari, Shirin Samadian
Design Associate: Maryam Gholami
Date: 2013
Area: 2,880 sqm
Structure: Jalaledin Sajadian
Mechanical Consultant: Arash Mojabi
Electrical Consultant: Mehdi Ghandilzadeh
Construction: Mohammadreza Kazemi
Client: Yousef Kazemi
Photographer: Hossein Farahani

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Text Description Provided By The Architects:

We are living in a gray world in modern cities, forgetting that we are part of a colorful nature. While visiting a traditional house in Iran, you will be affected by a piece of art; the smart composition of light, shadow and colors which make the sense of place. Although changes in lifestyle has made our living spaces different form the past, but we can borrow some of these forgotten qualities which can affect our living spaces such as our city images. Mehr Residential project is designed to remind some of these qualities to become a building with Iranian character.

Light and color enters the living spaces through a 3 layered window system while the major living areas arrange along the south façade. The first layer is the normal window that divides inside and outside. The second layer is Orosi window which is a traditional window system in Iran with different colors and shapes. This kind of window is flexible and gives you the choice whether to have the color and shadow while closed or light and view when it is open. Flower Boxes in front of Orosies make the third layer of façade to bring freshness of nature inside the apartment.

In the past, Orosi windows had different types and shapes which are so similar to Iranian art in carpets. In this building, we decided to use the patterns and colors in Iranian kilim to design the Orosi. As the result, when you see the building façade, it’s just like a large kilim hanging over it. kilim motifs complete the idea of kilim Orosi and Iranian character of building. What happens at night is totally different; the colorful Orosies glow at night and affect the street view.

Mehr Residential Building has 8 stories which include a basement with parkings and service area, ground floor in which lobby and stores are placed and 6 residential floors, each with 2 flats different in size.