Project Information

Project Name:  Sam Optic Glass-shop
Location: Sam Center Commercial Complex, Tehran, Iran
Type: Commercial
Architects: Yaser Karimian, Ashkan Bagheri Aghdam
Date: 2013
Built Area: 72 sqm
Construction: Sina Karimian, Farzad Lotfallahi
Supervisor: Sina Karimian, Yaser Karimian, Farzad Lotfallahi, Ashkan Bagheri Aghdam
Construction Consultant and Furniture Contractor: Afrang Sculpture Atelier (Mohammad Mardi)
Electrical Engineer: Arbi Aghajanian
Client: Babak Zareie, Masoud kousha
Photographer: Hossein Farahani


- 1st Place of Iranian Interior Design Award, office and commercial building category, 2013.
- Finalist in Memar Award 2013

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