IPA  با همکاری بنیاد فرهنگی Lucie از جمله مسابقات بین المللی معتبر و پرطرفدار است که همه ساله عکاسان مطرح بین المللی برای کسب مقام های ارزشمند آن در بخش های مختلف به رقابت می پردازند. 
 IPA 2014 ، چهار عنوان شایسته تقدیر برای حسین فراهانی به همراه داشت. دو تک عکس و یک مجموعه، در چهار بخش تقدیر شدند.

Human Footprint:

Here is the Earth; our mother; on which the human footprint has been always accompanied by corruption and disorder. The rivers which are running dry, the aquatic life which is dying, the forests which are being destroyed, all for human’s ambition. Changes in ecosystems have permanently been followed by environmental disruption and problems. Although still fighting for its survival and reconstruction, the Earth will retrieve its own right.

The Religious School of Seyed Ghelich Ishan

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